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Tangshan Monopy Ceramic Co., Ltd., the parent company of Shanghai Ellai Bathware Co., Ltd. (www.ssbhz.com), is an outstanding Chinese manufacturer, has been devoted to providing products for internationally renowned bathware brands for 19 years, passed standards and certifications in several countries and regions, and had its products exported to over 40 countries and regions across the world. In 2011, we launched a new bathroom brand to the Chinese mainland - Ellai, which advocates such brand concept as "User Friendly, Life Agreeable". It supplies nine bathroom product series, including sanitary ceramics, bathroom cabinet made of solid wood, shower head, bathtub, shower cabinet, faucets, sinks, accessories and decorative artworks. Ellai bathroom units are featured for minimalist comfort. Ellai has abandoned complicated exaggerated decoration. Instead, it focuses on product practical functions by presenting reliable quality, simple design, humane details and classic taste, which is a real bonus for customer comfort experience. 

Ellai born from Monopy Ceramic Group

In 1999, the brand founder, Mr. Meng, quit his government job, followed his original mind, and focused on export business of sanitary ceramics. Over 19 years, his business ranked amongst the top three in China! His Monopy Ceramic cooperates with multiple internationally-renouned high-end brands, such as ODM and OEM, products exported to more than 40 countries and regions, into countless family lives abroad. According to customs statistics, in the United States, every four toilets sold, one of them comes from Monopy; while in Australia, three out of ten are manufactured by Monopy. As his business develops, Mr. Meng has started to travel around the world, and got to know the mature consumer attitudes in western countries. The more developed the economy, the more people want to step on the path of return after their material life has been satisfied: the desire to control, a simple and healthy life, personalized daily necessities… In the meanwhile, many foreign sanitary products are "Made in China", and they are sold back to Chinese consumers at a much higher price after being labelled with a foreign ticket… which got Mr. Meng thinking: why not share with Chinese consumers the really fine bathroom products and the mature bathroom philosophy from Western developed countries?

In May 2011, as a matter of course, Ellai Bathware was founded. It has abandoned complicated exaggerated decoration. Instead, it focuses on product practical functions by presenting reliable quality, simple design, humane details and classic taste, which is a real bonus for customer comfort experience. This is Mr. Meng’s original conception for Ellai Bathware brand.


ELLAI Made in China, Abreast in the World

The three Ellai production bases are located in Tangshan, which was honored as “Six Porcelain Capitals in China” along with Jingdengzhen of Jiangxi Province, Dehua of Fujian Province, Longquan of Zhejiang Province and other places. The Ellai bases occupy a total area of 550,000 square meters with more than 3,200 employees, 10 tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns, over 400 production lines, and an annual output of 4.5 million sanitary products. Ellai carefully selects 32 kinds of natural clay, stirred with 20 degree purified water, ground with green base for 7 times, and carved with 109 processes, and produces the one and only Ellai white ceramic. Ellai’s large-scale andstandardized production mode ensures the quality of each product. It advocates the philosophy of high efficiency and energy saving, introduces the world leading equipment and production technology and strives to ensure the product to reach its best state at every stage.

Ellai owns international production lines, but it still insists on traditional handcraft for certain processes. Before the green body enters kiln, only the green base needs to pass through 7 key processes, including body repair and inspection, etc. Artisans shall carefully sand and polish each body to be perfect without any crack or defect. They use the first-class techniques for such sanding and correction, always respect the products themselves, and make them to be the best with their sophisticated skills.

In Ellai Tangshan production bases, there is a hill piled with ceremic debris. For finished products, Ellai has only two categories, perfection and waste. Ellai produces 4.5 million pieces annually, with a pass rate as high as 98%, ranking the first in China, but it also means, for each year, 90,000 incompliant pieces end up in debris.

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