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Yi of Yi Lai (Ellai) derives from "Yi Jing (the Book of Changes)": "Gentlemen abide by the law of the nature, and agree with the fortune(Yi) of the earth", which means if we respect the nature in our production and life, we will sure be blessed with the heaven and the earth. Lai of Yi Lai (Ellai) comes from "Our true nature shall be displayed in front of ourselves", which describes a process for us to harvest success, beauty and happiness from the past and present. Ellai originates from life and aims at creating an everlasting future! 

Independent laboratory certified by international authorities

Ellai establishes a CNAS-recognized scientific and technological laboratory
This laboratory contains a series of functions, such as new product R&D, test of new functional materials and physical and chemical experiments, etc., which signifies that Ellai possesses a world-class experimental platform and that its products meet international standards.

Most Powerful Design Center

Meticulousness represents Ella’s pursuit of fine living and a yearning for perfect working conditions; meticulousness interprets and delivers the spirit of the Ellai brand, in the hope that our users will enjoy their consummate life in a delicate attitude. Ellai’s pursuit of fine living, yearning for perfect working condition and passion for a consummate life will sure to endow Ellai with an innate delicacy!

Three Major Production Bases

Ellai has three major production bases located in Tangshan, the porcelain capital. The bases occupy a total area of 550,000 square meters with more than 3,200 employees, 10 tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns, over 400 production lines, and an annual output of four million sanitary products. Ellai’s large-scale andstandardized production ensures the quality of each product. 

The World's Cutting-Edge Technology and Equipment

European high-pressure grouting machine, to form a compact smooth product surface; glazing with mechanical arm, to result in low-cost, high efficiency and environmental friendliness; 3D handheld scanners, to digitalize product details; CNC numerically-controlled machine tools, to achieve an extremely high precision; FFC mud technology, to standardize product structure;

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